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3 responses to “Clutter

  1. The artwork thing is tricky. When I had to whittle down my own art portfolios I ended up scanning or photographing the pieces that I could bear to part with so now I just have digital copies of them. It's hard though, especially when it's your little one's masterpieces!

  2. I'm not very good about throwing the children's creations away. I have photographed some of their art but I have a huge box in the garage of all the bits I can't bring myself to bin. I try to limit it to a few pieces per child per term to keep a handle on it! But when I'm old I will have them to remind me of my children when they were young and I know I will be glad I kept them.

  3. I'm decluttering too! Sounds like you have made amazing progress and I agree about the love / hate ting with Flylady LOL! I created a small website for DD's art – it's all on there. The idea was to recycle the 'real' stuff but I have an inkling they are still in the attic 😉

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