Friday Club: A favourite childhood memory



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4 responses to “Friday Club: A favourite childhood memory

  1. That's an interesting description of 'weather' but I'm wondering if it was a particular time of year you recall?Have you ever seen a photo that reminded you of these mornings?

  2. I've had mornings like that pretty much every season – it can happen with frost, just not with mist.The only photo I've seen that reminded me of mornings like that is one I took myself at about 8 in the morning, of a particular feature of the gable-end of an old church, Teampall Chiarán, on Inis Mór. The light is *exactly* right to trigger the same memory.

  3. Isn't it funny how weather can be so evocative? When I lived in the Southern US, I can clearly remember very early hot summer mornings when I had a sense of real energy, although in my case it was probably because the rest of the day it was too hot to get much done.

  4. There is a quality of light, of summer turning to autumn, that evokes such strong memories of a very sad event for me. Now when the sadness seeps into my soul I try to turn it around and celebrate the wonderful person whose life was cut short, to embrace the end of summer with happy memories.

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