Actual, Like, Home-Edding



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5 responses to “Actual, Like, Home-Edding

  1. Did you find , which has lapbook components for all of the Five in a Row books? We haven't done any lapbooking here, but if Emer is enjoying it HSS has tons of resources.

  2. Oh, wow, that's interesting! Thank you! I will definitely use that if I get time to make stuff ahead of time. I hadn't looked for anything in particular because the very idea of lapbooking was new to me and I hadn't given it any thought until very late Thursday night. Bookmarked.

  3. I also meant to say: sounds like you guys had a great week with a lot of interesting stuff.

  4. Mike Mulligan, yes? My father loved that book as a child, and so he read it to us, and now we read it to O and F. I love the cadence, and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy because it means my Papa is reading to me :-)Meanwhile, yes, indeed, they were always Tionscnaimh, weren't they? I was surprised when I discovered the official word was Tionscadal, too. Perhaps it was a local peculiarity that got perpetuated?

  5. We never met Mike Mulligan at all! FIAR was my introduction to it! I like it, but it's not as amazing as The Rag Coat, which *gives everyone an American accent as they read it* which is astonishing.We had trouble smiling in a rather mean way though. Perhaps it's easier if one is feeling mean. I'm certain I've done it sometimes…

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