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4 responses to “Travel costs

  1. The "Oceanarium" in Bournemouth is expensive for what you get, I'm afraid. I've been there twice (we live in next-door Poole) and it took about less than 2 hours to go round both times.. and that's with a toddler/preschooler who wanted to say hi to *all* the fish.The beach is of course wonderful though, and if you go to the part called Alum Chine there's a good playground and paddling pool too. Weather permitting :)P.S. We went to Eden on the last day of a week-long holiday in 2006 (September to be precise – great timing, because the whole place was absolutely abundant with fruit, veg and flowers). If we'd gone earlier in the week, I'd have demanded to go back a couple more times too!

  2. That's a shame, about the Oceanarium. I might try for a special offer or something.

  3. They sometimes run half price offers for locals and will honour the offer on production of council tax or utility bills as well as photo ID. We should be emigrating in a couple of months, so if you like you can have some of our leftover paperwork 🙂

  4. I'm not a good enough liar to do that but the offer was kind!

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