FIAR, second-last day of first week



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2 responses to “FIAR, second-last day of first week

  1. It sounds like you guys are having a great time! I really hope you'll scan your pictures when you're done with them – I'd love to see them.You don't really need to reckon up what "subjects" you've covered, do you? I'm going to have to prove to the state, twice a year, that we covered eight basic subjects on a regularish basis, which is why I keep subject-based records. I'd think you could just use the manuals as a source of stimulating activities, and not worry what you're supposedly "teaching."

  2. Legally, no, I don't – but I think it might reassure my mother-in-law, and it's kind of interesting. I am using the manuals as a source of interesting stuff to do, and a way of my not having to think it up myself, but as long as it doesn't change how I do things I may also occasionally reckon up subjects. If I find myself getting twitchy because I want to pressure them into doing something specific, I'll go on subject-reckoning cold-turkey until I recover.I will see if I can operate the new printer/scanner/photocopier/floorpolisher/toaster thing.

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