DCSF Review – what the LA offers Home Ed (Rec. 9, 10 & 11)



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2 responses to “DCSF Review – what the LA offers Home Ed (Rec. 9, 10 & 11)

  1. (anonymous because this is job-related)We use CAF forms a lot at work. The people completing it tend to be NHS and school staff. If anyone in the multi-agency meeting mentions that a parent wants to remove their child from school, there are groans throughout the room. It's quite depressing, especially when the child in question has already moved schools twice, totally classroom-phobic (ok with adults and libraries, just not the other kids), and has been assessed enough times to confirm that there are no medical causes (e.g. ASD, learning difficulties) for this behaviour. And he's supposed to be moving to secondary school in September. Dad is willing to homeschool, which the child has requested, but everyone else wants a last-ditch push by mental health and educational welfare. I'm all for the social, confidence-building activities that have been set out, but still..Not that I'm thinking of any particular case *cough*I would genuinely love to see the local home school network appoint a rep to come to these meetings, and they probably could.. given some hoops, CRB checks, poss training. Depends on their background I suppose. A local church's community development worker is welcomed, so why not home schoolers? I don't know how many there are in our town, but it might be enough to have a reasonable case for attendance, contribution to the discussion etc.

  2. But everyone has to learn to cope with trying to learn while stuck in a room of 24 children for 6 hours a day as a necessary part of their social development, surely? How else will they grow up to deal with a diverse range of people from different backgrounds doing different things and holding wildly varying beliefs? Hm.

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