Comparison of Learnings



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5 responses to “Comparison of Learnings

  1. OK, I’ll bite: who is supposed to be an advocate of this ‘traditional learning’? It relates to no real-life teaching practice that I know of.

  2. Hmmm. I agree with … some of that. Some of it makes me very uncomfortable, though. I may write an analysis at some point.

  3. It’s instantly recognisable to me as the experience of some people but so clearly extreme that I think it does home edding more harm than good.Primary school teachers who leave the system when they have their own children and subsequently home educate often express views very like these, on mailing lists.But in general I think it’s as useful as pro-home-ed articles full of spelling and grammatical errors.

  4. It starts well.Just picking up on 2 things: the science and arts traditional descriptions. Can we all say “total bollocks?”

  5. I know of no one in education who would recognise that first list as being what any of us actually believe or practice…. It'd be rather difficult to back up from current literature, as well.

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