Testing times



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2 responses to “Testing times

  1. Academic-testing-as-conversation is related to racing babies. Chances are SHE knows a child who can do x, y and z at Linnea’s age and the fact that Linnea can’t or doesn’t is Proof that said child is cleverer than Linnea. Or something.Dealing with people is hard. Let’s do particle physics.

  2. Or it’s just not having very long to talk and not knowing how else to draw the kid out. I’ve found myself in conversations with small kids which are mainly questions on my part and responses on theirs, in situations where I wasn’t inclined to wait to see whether/what the kid wanted to talk and I wanted to have had some interaction (like a visit or phone-conversation with far-away niblings), oh, and also where I was more likely to understand what the child was saying if I picked the topic. To be sure, I don’t usually ask about arithmetic, more about things like what they had for lunch and what they are doing.

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