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4 responses to “Sums

  1. The ‘proper’ name for it is number bonds. Tell people that and they will be bowled over at your educational prowess ;-)I seem to remember mine learning number bonds of 10 in year one at school, if that is a frame of reference you are interested in.

  2. I could look it up, I suppose, but is year one the first year of school, ie age 5-ish?

  3. Year One is the second year of school, age 5-6. Reception is where my youngest is now, age 4-5. Reception follows the Early Years Curriculum and Year One is the first year of the National Curriculum.

  4. That's number bonds how cool 🙂 They start on number 10 in Year One, as that's easiest, as we have 10 fingers. They just do doubling, adding one, taking away one, sorting, measuring, using number lines etc in Reception. It depends on the ability too, as they are streamed & the top table will do more complicated stuff. They have an hour's maths each day as part of the NC.

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