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3 responses to “Propaganda

  1. Does this mean that you’re 100% committed to home-schooling then, with no possibility that O will go to school? Because otherwise, it seems like that’s kind of a dangerous conversation to be having, just in case he does end up going to a school and understands that he’s being sent to a Very Bad Place. That’s kind of what I meant when I asked you the other week about how much he understands when adults talk in front of him, and whether you’re trying to be careful about how you talk about school with him.

  2. Aargh – did that sound mega-critical? I didn’t mean it to be, sorry! I’m just interested in how you’re handling that.

  3. Are you sure it’s propaganda? Maybe he’s excited about the adventure that school entails? That’s what I was like at his age. Thrilled beyond belief at the thought of all the new people and activities. It had its downsides, in the end, but since I was a sociable child, it was also very fulfilling. Which seems like a weird word to use about a 5 year old. But it was.

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