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  1. I had to nod at your description about how something that YOU feel guilty about, seems to be so “educational” for your daughter! I’ve finally realised that when Samuel watched something over and over and over again, its actually essential for him – with the Aspergers and more particularly the semantic/pragmatic disorder – to do that. After he’s watched something 10s of times he begins to understand more of the vocabulary, therefore gets more of the story, or jokes – and therefore enjoys it more. Which makes him want to watch it again. So although it drives us mad and in some ways, it seems “wrong”, I have to let him do it. I guess at a young age, that is what all children are doing by watching things repetitively. And as well all know, those pixar type of films have so much stuff going on, that even as an adult I often find on the third or fourth viewing that I “get” something new!

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