Books to investigate: Máire Mullarney



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3 responses to “Books to investigate: Máire Mullarney

  1. Andy has taught Kate to recognise basic words, as that is how he taught himself to read. She is older than Linnea though at 4 3/4s, but my PND & lack of inclination to do much has delayed the lessons I was giving her over the summer holidays. I’ve been teaching to add & subtract by using bricks & I do have workbooks I bought, plus one my MIL put togther for me as she teaches dyslexic children to read & write.

  2. We don’t actually teach her anything, though if she asks we show her, I suppose.

  3. I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know; but if she’s reading before the age of three, then getting her sight tested as soon as is sensible is a very good move. Apparently there’s an argument going on at the moment as to which comes first: high intelligence which allows one to read early, leading to strained eye muscles and extreme myopia; or extreme myopia bringing the child’s vision to 20-20 sooner than average, which allows high intelligence to develop by getting a head start.My mum had to hear me say “Oh, mummy, I can see you properly now!” at age 5 and that isn’t something I’d wish on anyone.

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